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That has never been done before and is changing how politicians respond. We even see some votes in Congress made based on their Facebook feedback.

On the TV, radio, internet, and press, politics are presented in many different ways and with many different views. The media can be used to influence the people in both positive and negative ways. This paper will outline these influences and state examples in a variety of different platforms. The media has created an impressive increase in literacy among people about politics and political issues.

Whether you are watching a presidential debate or listening to the radio on a story about political issues, you will hear a variety of words and terms that, without these forms of media, would be …show more content…. This means that the media has positively influenced the voting statistics. One of the negative effects of the medias influence on the people is creating a difficulty to remain nuetral while reporting political news. When an issue is addressed improperly through the media, it creates confusion and an inability to take a certain side on an issue. For instance, if a news reporter were to make negative references on a certain issue, the people watching will be more influenced to take a negative approach to the issue.

This can cause much confusion since a different reporter could take a positive approach and turn the peoples decision that way. Yet another negative way that the media has been known to affect the people is by falsely stating the news. It is hard to believe, but in the election of 19?? Please forgive me and just do this sentence by yourself In this case, the press printed a newspaper reporting that Harry Trueman had lost the election, when in fact he had won.

This questioned both the integrety of the press and the confidence of its readers.

One last negative influence of the media is when the media overplays a certain issue. This can be related to in a very recent.

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First, electronic media contributes to the advancement of the business environment. Use of electronic media and communications: Early childhood to teenage years brings together the ACMA's research on media use by eight- to year-olds and new findings about three- to four- and seven- to eight-year-olds from the Australian Institute of Family Studies study Growing Up in Australia; The Longitudinal Study of Australian Children. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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